Competitors please make sure that you have your completed National Vender Declaration Forms
To be handed to the Secretary upon arrival.

1. Completed entry forms together with entry fees need to be lodged with The Secretary by 5pm Friday 28th April 2017.
NO late entries will be accepted and ALL FEES MUST ACCOMPANY ENTRIES.
If not paid prior to the event you will not be able to compete. All students names must be in before closing date 28th of April 2017 and finalised with the secretary.
The Secretary, Wingham Beef Week,
PO Box 207, Wingham NSW 2429
Fax: 02 6553 8292
2. As a Part of the Wingham Beef Week WH & S Policy, All exhibitors are required to have a current Public liability Insurance Policy, Please Provide a copy with entry forms.
3. Wingham Beef Week expects teachers and parents/ Carers, to provide supervision of their students, when in a public area and using public Facilities, Wingham Beef Week take no responsibility for the supervision of any students.
4. The committee reserve the right to limit entries or to reject entries considered dangerous or of insufficient merit.
5. Identification will be issued to all registered participants. This must be worn at all times during the competitions.
6. The committee reserve the right to remove any persons whose behaviour is considered to be inappropriate.
7. All participants must complete and sign a Participants Indemnity and Waiver Form. A parent/guardian must sign if competitors are under 18 years of age.
8. All participants entering the Wingham Beef Exports Site must complete and sign the Visitors Site Rules and Visitors Declaration prior to entry.
9. All electrical leads and equipment must be tagged and current.
10. No Smoking on the Wingham showgrounds
11. Each School must nominate a First Aid Officer.
12. Fires only to be lit in Authorised areas of Wingham Showgrounds; THIS NEEDS to be checked on Arrival.
13. Photo consent forms must be filled in prior to the event.
14. All cattle entering the Wingham Showground must be tested negative to pesti virus.
15. All prize money must be collected before the end of event from the secretary’s office or organise it to be collected as the committee will not be posting any uncollected prizes.
16. If Camping at Wingham Showgrounds you must camp in the main ring or designated camping areas or unless organised with committee to camp elsewhere.

a. Competitors ages will be taken as of 1st May 2017
b. Pre-Registration and payment for both competitions is mandatory. Entries Close for both competitions 5pm on Friday 28th April 2017
c. Ribbons to be awarded during the competition. Presentation at the end of each day for Prize Money.
d. Entrants in the Parader’s Competition must provide their own animal to parade.
e. Use of animals in the Parading Competition will be strictly limited to a maximum of four (4) competitors per animal.
f. Dust coats are not a requirement for the Paraders competition.
g. The Judge’s decision is final.
h. The Oral examination for the Junior Judging will be marked as:
– Presentation and Dress (neat, tidy and appropriate dress): 25
– Accuracy of Observation: 25
– Speaking Ability: 25
– Ability to Compare Animals: 25

a. The Hoof and Hook section allows for the entry of a singular animal.
b. The committee reserve the right to remove an animal considered to be intractable or unsafe from the led classes.
c. All Led steers must be restrained by nose ring or nose grip
d. Entries must be polled or dehorned to a length of 5cm or less. Dehorning will not be permitted within 1 month of the day of competition and must be fully healed by the time it arrives at the competition.
e. Entries must be the bonafide property of the owner for at least 30 days before the competition.
f. All entries must carry an NLIS device registered to the exhibitor and accompanied by a completed National Vendor Declaration Form.
g. All led cattle must be tested negative to pesti virus with certificate to accompany NVD forms.
h. All entries must be HGP Free to be accepted for the competition.
i. All entries must be on the designated grounds by 8am Wednesday 17th May 2017.
j. All Led entries will be weighed, ear tagged and placed into appropriate classes by stewards on Wednesday 17th May 2017.
k. Entries will be slaughtered and judged in their appropriate carcass class.
l. All cattle will be slaughtered at Wingham Beef Exports Pty. Ltd.
m. Be reminded that ALL grading is finalized with Wingham Beef Exports Pty. Ltd. Payment for carcasses is based on the current price grid; animals that do not meet the grid’s requirements will be heavily penalised price wise. The grid will be available from Wingham Beef Exports on inquiry.
n. A feeding curfew will be enforced at 9pm on the Wednesday night of the competition.
o. On completion of judging on Thursday 18th May 2017, transport of competition animals will be arranged by the committee – cattle will be trucked to Wingham Beef Exports Pty. Ltd.
p. Payments will be made payable by Wingham Beef Exports Pty. Ltd. to the owner stated on the National Vendor Declaration Form. New clients must set up a prior account with Wingham Beef Exports and complete a Direct Payment Application. (These are available either from Wingham Beef Week Secretary or Wingham Beef Exports upon request)
q. All unled cattle are to be at Wingham Beef Exports before 6:30pm Tuesday 16th May 2017 for Wednesday processing.
r. All cattle are to be delivered to Wingham Beef Exports in time to allow them to be killed within 48 hours of leaving the property.
s. All Unled Cattle must be tagged with the given tag before arriving at Wingham Beef Exports.
t. There will be No home kills.

a. To be eligible for the Schools Travel Incentive, schools must enter at least one (1) animal in the Hoof & Hook Competition, Compete in the Beef Appreciation Competition. (min 1 Team of 4 Students) and a thankyou letter for Mr Doherty.
b. Prize money and trophies will be presented at the presentations ceremony on Friday 19th May 2017.