In this Competition, competitors will assess steers & carcasses for their market suitability.
The top 4 scores from each school will represent their school in the teams section. $5.00 per Person

Prize money for this section is sponsored by Mr & Mrs J Doherty, Bootoowaa Pastoral Company

Winning team of 4: $50 each + ribbon + shield
Runner Up Team of 4: $25 each + ribbon
Winning individual: $50 + ribbon
Runner up individual: $25 + ribbon

Runner up ribbons and trophies for individual winners of age categories:

Sub Junior:: Under 15 yrs (Live Assessment only)
Junior:: 15 yrs and under 16 yrs
Intermediate: 16 yrs and under 17 yrs
Senior: 17 yrs and under 18yrs
Open: 18 yrs and under 25yrs

Ribbons for winning and runner up school teams for the categories:

Beef judging (includes carcass and primal judging results)
Retail cut and primal identification

Team results are calculated from the scores of the top 4 scoring students from an individual school. This may span across age categories.

Prize money + ribbons will be presented at the presentation on Friday.


Total 200 points per student
Competitors will assess 4 steers in Livestock Markets Terms.

1. Hot Standard Weight (kg)
2. P8 Rump Fat Depth (mm)
3. Muscle Score (A+ to E-)
4. Market Destination (eg. Domestic)


Total 475 points per student
Competitors will assess the same 4 carcasses as above and another 4 carcasses selected by Wingham Beef Exports and rank those in order 1 to 4 based on quality and yield characteristics. Competitors will also identify and judge primal cuts and retail cuts as per the table below:

Due to OHS/ Regulations competitors will assemble INSIDE the Main Gates at the Showgrounds until directed by the organizers to enter Wingham Beef Exports. Please be mindful of trucks entering the premises and consideration of employees and their workplace.

Names of contestants and School for which they are to compete must be forwarded to ICMJ before closing dates of the competition. Withdrawals will be accepted after this time but substitutions will not be permitted.
Students wishing to enter the competition must pay the nominated entry fee ($5 per student) prior to the contest.
Contestants will be assigned to groups and are required to stay in their groups throughout the contest. A group leader will be provided for each group of contestants whose duty shall be to enforce the rules of the contest and to keep the exhibits of the class on which their group is working in an orderly arrangement.
A clipboard and pencil will be all that is allowed into the competition chillier. All paper for placings, written reason notes and questions (etc.) will be provided. No notes, pictures or mechanical aids will be permitted into the contest. Group leaders will report any violations which will be cause for disqualification of the contestant.
A• Appropriate clothing, as determined by Wingham Beef Exports (ie: enclosed & clean shoes) must be worn by competitors at all times while on the Wingham Beef Exports site. Site appropriate PPE (eg: coats, hair nets, beard nets, ear plugs, boot covers, P2 masks) will be provided by Wingham Beef Exports and MUST be worn by all competitors, supervisors or other persons at all times while on the Wingham Beef Exports site, unless otherwise indicated by Wingham Beef Exports staff.

Competition Class – Time/Class – Maximum Score
Beef Primal Identification Class: 10 Primal cuts – 10 minutes – 100
Beef Primal Class (Rumps): Placing’s and Questions – 10 minutes – (5 questions) 100
Beef Carcase Class 1: Placing’s and Questions – 10 minutes – (5 questions) 100
Beef Carcase Class 2: Placing’s and Questions – 10 minutes – (5 questions) 100
Beef Retail Cut Identification Class: 15 retail cuts – 10 minutes – 75

This section is proudly sponsored by Bootoowaa Pastoral Company,
Mr & Mrs J Doherty, Bootoowaa Pastoral Co.
As an incentive to schools Bootoowaa Pastoral Co. makes a nominal cash donation to each school that participates in this competition to assist with travelling and other expenses.
To be eligible for the travel incentive schools must enter at least one animal in the Hoof and Hook Competition, students compete in the Beef Appreciation competition and a thank you letter to Mr John Doherty.